Harmful Charactertistics Of Ants

Why are ants such a problem?

Here's Why:
Just like any other living organism on earth, including humans, ants have to defend themselves, fellow ants and their colony. Ants attack in a few ways when they feel threatened. Some ants scurry, some bite and yes, some do sting. Although the sting is not fatal, it is quite painful. If you happen to invade an ants space, one will attack and will communicate to others, through pheromones and sounds, to do the same. One sting hurts, now imagine a few hundred, OUCH! Usually in the stings, the ants release a particular amount of formic acid, alkaloids or other protein components. There have been cases of ant stings being fatal to humans, simply because one sting turns into several thousands, and the human may be allergic to the venom. Let Pest Proof Pest Management help you defend yourself against any ant problems at your home. We want to prevent you from getting bitten or worst, stung.

How To Take Action Against Ants

Looking for a solution to your ant problem?

This Is How To Deal With Ants
So what can be done to keep ants from entering your home? Spraying ants will only kill a few and mostly serves as a deterrent. The sprays and ant traps you buy at the store help as a temporary solution for your problem. If you really have a bad ant problem, the wise decision would be to call on us. Our experts will come out to your home, locate and kill the entire colony. We want you and your family to be at ease and continue to live worry free in the comfort of your own home. We go the extra mile to help you with your ant problem and exterminate the ants, not just have them scurry and scatter away.

General Information About Ants

Ants are insects of the Formicidae family in relation to wasps and bees. More than 12,500 species of ants have been classified. Ants work together and communicate through pheromones, sounds and touch. Have you ever broken up a line of ants and seen them scatter, then a few minutes later seen them reorganized and back to doing what they were doing? That is how communicative and organized ants can be.

Ants form what are called colonies. The colonies vary in size depending on the type of ants. Some ants keep colonies small and centralized while others form large organized colonies. Regardless of the colony, you will find that all ants have their role. The colonies are made up of mostly wingless, sterile, female ants, the most fertile of them being the Queens. In the colonies you will also find workers, soldiers and drones. Each ant has its role and knows how to execute its day to day duties. All this work, they do together as one entity to provide and support the colony.

It is known that ants have colonized all over the earth, so it's safe to say that no matter where you live, ants live with or around you, that is of course unless you live in Antarctica. Ants can be big pests. They can get into any food you leave out. If you think it is out of reach, think again. If ants want to get to something, they will get to it. Leftover food, open soft drinks, candy, anything that is appealing to them, you will find the worker wants making their trails to get to it. Ants can be pesky, why not let Pest Proof Pest Management take care of your ant problem? Call us now.

How To Identify Ants

Ants are very easily identified by their slender waists and elbowed antennae. The ant is made up of three sections, the head, thorax, petiole and abdomen. The petiole and antennae are the key characteristics that distinguish ants from other insects. The petiole is between the abdomen and thorax. It allows ants to twist and bend which makes it easier for them to burrow underground. Apart from its multiple sections and ability to bend, ants also have an exoskeleton which serves as its armor. This is probably the most important part of the ant as it protects it from harm.

Ants do come in a variety of colors. This makes it a bit difficult to distinguish the harmless from the harmful. Their colors can be brown, black, red and even clear (also known as Pharaoh Ants or Ghost Ants). If you are having an ant problem at home and are worried about what types of ants you have, feel free to contact us and allow our experts to help you determine the type of ant and what actions should be taken.